Ashby Dodd

Forking Fantastic: Korzo’s Deep Fried Burger At Home!

Forking Fantastic: Korzo’s Deep Fried Burger At Home!

Lettuce all bow down to the fry-daddy of all gastro-pub burgers, the Deep Fried Burger from New York’s own “Korzo” (that you can make at home!)

My Brooklyn friends have been raving about Korzo’s deep fried burger for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, with the whole pandemic and all, I haven’t made my way back to New York to try it out. Given my deep and abiding love of all things burger, you can imagine how frustrating that is. To be told that there is this delicious, life-changing experience only a few states away (especially when we’re talking smaller East Coast states)… well, let’s just say it’s even more incentive to get vaccinated ASAP.

Fortunately for me, George Motz, burger extraordinaire, has devised a quick and easy way to make this mouth-watering burger at home. I’m still super excited about having the whole Korzo experience first hand, but I will happily take this at-home substitute in the meantime!

If you’re local to Brooklyn and want to try the real deal out for yourself, you can order online or find out more about Korzo at They even offer a weekend brunch!

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