Erasing the Hate is a powerful interview series that follows former hate group members and discovers how they’re changing their lives.

There are a number of reasons one could end up joining a hate group, cult, or gang. (It would take a whole blog post in an of itself to begin exploring those reasons.) But once someone has joined, the only hope is that one day they might see the error of their ways and get out. It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen, especially with the support of other reformed members. Leaving these groups can be potentially life-threatening, which is why its so impressive when a former member commits to turning their life around.

Erasing the Hate: Former Neo Nazis and Hate Group Members Find Change

TM Garret was bullied as a young boy in Germany. He didn’t have many friends and he didn’t feel like he fit in. He was an outcast. Over time Garret began to mimic racist jokes and when he liked the response, he started using hate-speech as much as possible. Eventually, Garret got a reputation as the “nazi kid” and found his way to the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, if he hadn’t been in a financial bind, Garret might still be a member of a hate group.

TM Garret now lives in the United States and continues his quest for redemption by helping others who are trying to leave a life of hate groups behind. Garret helps others by offering up a network of resources and support. In the video below, Garret assists Romey Muns, a former Aryan Brotherhood member, who wants to cover his many hate tattoos. Watch as Garret help Muns start erasing the hate.