Disney Pixar’s Bao first premiered in theaters before the hit, animated film The Incredibles 2 and now it’s available, in full, online!

Pixar’s Bao is easily the strangest animated short I’ve seen from the Disney Pixar team but that doesn’t make me love it any less. Now, it’s available on YouTube for $1.99! Up until now, the short has been available for purchase or by going to see The Incredibles 2 in the theater, but, as of yesterday, temporarily, it’s now available, in full, online, for free!

‘Bao’: Pixar Finally Welcomes Female Empowerment Into Its Shorts Program

Bao is the story of a tiny dumpling that steals the heart of its creator and chef, an “aging mom” dealing with empty-nest syndrome. In a magical moment, her dumpling comes to life, giving her an “unexpected second chance at motherhood.” It’s sort of like Pinocchio… except with food. Weird, right? Yes, but again, it’s adorable and will pull at your heartstrings just like almost every other Pixar short out there.

You can now watch Pixar’s heartbreaking short film ‘Bao’ for free

Look, Bao gets a little weird, and you may want to watch this once through before showing to younger kids. It might be fine for whatever age, but it gets a bit weird so, give it a once-over to be safe.

Check out Disney Pixar’s Bao: