Funeral Grey by the Waterparks [My Mix-Tape]

“Funeral Grey” by the Waterparks is pop-rock at its best, and I can’t stop listening to it! Watch the official music video.

Waterparks came out of Houston, Texas, around 2011, and they’ve been creating pop-fueled, indulgent music ever since. Recently the band released their newest single, “Funeral Grey,” and it will have you dancing around the room in no time.

Now, if you’re aware of Waterparks already, you know they have gotten themselves in trouble with their fans in the past. I’m not here to comment on all of that because I’ve only seen the headlines. I can comment that I can’t stop listening to “Funeral Grey,” and you should give it a listen for yourself! Check out the official video below:

“Funeral Grey” lyrics:

11pm she walked in with her friends
And now I’m tripping off the deep end
So call me a Lyft or a black hearse
‘Cause I know you’ll make my head spin, yeah.

I said “what’s your favorite color” she pointed at her waist
And I said “that’s not a color, it’s a shade”
She said “don’t disagree with me”
And then

She walked away
I didn’t get her name
I can’t explain
The look on her face
She wore a sweater
In summer weather, yeah
She wore a sweater
It was funeral grey
And now it’s killing me
I just want you to be
My next mistake
That I’m gonna make
She wore a sweater
In summer weather, yeah
She wore a sweater
It was funeral grey

3AM she walked in, took a hit
I said “that shit is gonna kill you”
She kinda smiled and she blew it in my face
And said “well, now you’re gonna die too”

I said that you can call me, beep me,
If you want my skin
She rolled her eyes and then she said
“I know your dying wish is to be baptized in my spit”

Float my way
I’m melting for you