These delicious Halloween cocktails will have your friends and guest screaming for more!

Every year there are cute cupcakes, scary decorations, and all the costumes you could ask for… but where are the drinks? Just because it’s pumpkin spice or pumpkin-flavored, doesn’t make it Halloween-y. I need something special – I need Halloween cocktails!

Green Small Batch Halloween Cocktails

This year I’m making Brittni Mehlhoff’s Spooky Halloween Batch Cocktails, which look insane and amazing. I like to have fun treats for the parents of the kids I know as they come around trick-or-treating, these spooky concoctions seem like this year’s adult-treat!

The recipe looks pretty simple. You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • matcha powder
  • cream soda
  • vodka
  • dry ice*

*The drinks cannot be consumed until the dry ice has fully dissolved, FYI!

Do you have everything you need? Great! Now head over to Paper & Stitch for the full recipe.