Get moving on this blah Monday with a 30 Minute Cardio Dance Party workout!

It’s time for a dance party that will shake the Monday blues and work you out all at the same time! Sound good? I thought so. PopSugar Fitness has joined forces with Equinox instructor Nicole Steen for a 30 minute cardio dance party workout. This workout is sure to keep you healthy and having fun.

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Cardio is a great way to start out the week in my opinion. After coming off of a restful or leisurely Sunday, a quick 30 minute dance off is exactly what I need. Once you’re done with this energetic workout, you’ll feel less stressed, more energized and absolutely ready to start your week.

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[x_blockquote cite=”PopSugar Fitness” type=”left”]Equinox cardio dance expert Nicole Steen makes every workout feel like a dance party! And the best part: this cardio dance workout is the most fun way to torch calories.[/x_blockquote]

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