Ready to re-watch the Gilmore Girls? You might want to rethink that choice if you love Rory Gilmore.

I loved the Gilmore Girls back in the day, I didn’t catch on as quick as other fans but once I did, I was hooked. I hated Jess (but now LOVE Milo Ventimiglia in This is Us, which makes Jess look a lot better these days), loved Logan (and Dean for a while), and desperately wanted to be as close with my mom as Rory was with Lorelei. Basically, I wanted to be Rory Gilmore.

How could you not want to be Rory? She was loved by everyone in Stars Hollow, had a kick-ass mom, and was smart enough to struggle between going to Harvard or Yale. The entire premise of the show is that Lorelei didn’t want Rory to grow up as the rich, wild-child that she did and therefore moves away to raise Rory. It was the premise of the show that allowed us to wear blinders to who Rory really was. It seemed like, in some respect, she was a rags to riches story – not true. It seemed like she had to fight against all odds to make her way in life – not true. And it certainly didn’t seem like Rory was a whiny, bratty, entitled hypocrite – sadly, not true.

Susan Matthews, a science editor for Slate, and a former devotee of Rory Gilmore, discusses her opinions on why Rory was never a good role model to begin with. Her blinders finally came off… are you ready to take yours off too?