The Kentucky Derby is a spectacular horse race but the entire day is a massive events with people from all over. The short film The Derby gives a snapshot of what to expect.

The Kentucky Derby is one very specific horse race; it’s an event that lasts under two minutes and is over in just the blink of an eye. But despite the short span of the race itself, the preparation for that first Saturday in May is intense. There is a festival that leads up to the day of the race, horse racing and other activities throughout the day of the race, all culminating with the main event in the early evening.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Kentucky Derby in

The day of The Kentucky Derby is filled with racing, betting, drinks, and crowds of all shapes and sizes. It’s not all wild hats and southern seersucker suits. In Remington Smith’s short film The Derby, viewers get a cross-section of all the cultures and classes mixing together to create one memorable day. Watch for yourself: