Goldie: Tim Goldrainer is the Nursing Home Rockstar

In the moving documentary short Goldie: The Life of a Nursing-Home Rock Star, Tim Goldrainer brings joy to senior citizens every day. Watch!

Tim Goldrainer has taken his father’s instructions to heart: no matter how large the crowd, give them the same show. It doesn’t matter if there are tensĀ or hundreds of people in the audience. So when he started playing nursing homes, he gave it his all, and they adored him for it. Goldrainer, known as Goldie on stage, has become a genuine nursing home rockstar.

Accustomed to livelier music venues, Tim Goldrainer has been playing music in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area for decades as part of The Menus, a local band. He only began performing in nursing homes after his mother was admitted to one. He immediately saw that bringing joy into the lives of senior adults was something special, and once he started, he couldn’t stop.

Goldie: The Life of a Nursing-Home Rock Star, a documentary short about Goldrainer, was featured by the New York Times. Watch the moving and joyful story below: