Gordon Ramsay brings you the Ultimate Cajun Breakfast Sandwich! Get the recipe and follow along with Ramsay as you make your own version at home!

We all know that Gordon Ramsay can cook breakfast. (If you haven’t tried his Huevos Rancheros recipe, WHY?!) He’s back at it again but this time he’s making the most delicious breakfast sandwich which he calls the ‘Ultimate Cajun Breakfast Sandwich.’ If that doesn’t sound good to you, well, I guess you can stop reading here. But if your mouth is watering at just the idea of a Gordon Ramsay breakfast sandwich, keep reading below!

In order to make Ramsay’s yummy Ultimate Cajun Breakfast Sandwich, you’ll need the following ingredients:

If you need more information or want to review the full recipe, you can do so here: Cajun Style Breakfast Sandwich From Scrambled On The Road

But if you have everything you need and feel comfortable with the recipe, follow along with Gordon Ramsay to create the hand-held Cajun breakfast:

This week Gordon’s in Louisiana on the Bayou and he’s turning some local favorites into a Cajun Style Breakfast Sandwich while filming Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. With a fried egg and some amazing local tasso ham, this is the perfect Sandwich to make if you’ve recreated Mardi Gras at home.