Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy?’ Try ‘McCringey’ instead!

At one point or another, we thought McDreamy was pretty dreamy… but it turns out, we were wrong. Should he be named McCringey instead?

Back when Grey’s Anatomy premiered, women swooned over Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy. However, even I overlooked a lot of red flags as he worked to sweep young Meredith Grey off her feet. I mean, it was so romantic, right?! OMG NO! What the hell were we all thinking?! His nickname should have been McCringey. There’s a reason Shonda Rhimes was happy to kill the character off eventually.

So, what exactly was so wrong with Dr. McDreamy (AKA Derek Shepherd)? Let’s start with the fact that he pursues a young intern when he is an older, married doctor at the same hospital, who could easily be seen as the intern’s superior. Then when said intern (Ellen Pompeo’s Dr. Meredith Grey) finds a new love because again, the dude is married, he makes her feel like crap before he wrecks that whole relationship for her. I won’t even get into how he treated his wife (Kate Walsh’s Dr. Addison Montgomery). And that’s just the beginning! Watch the video below to get a complete perspective shift on one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most revered characters:

Grey’s Anatomy’s Derek Shepherd may be known as McDreamy, but a lot of his behavior on Grey’s Anatomy is actually pretty McCringey. At first glance he comes off as an undeniably talented doctor with the Disney prince looks, but in the years since his on-screen death, more fans have picked up on his shortcomings.