The Plaza Hotel: Take a tour of one of the oldest and most elegant hotels in New York City without leaving your home!

The Plaza Hotel is an experience that everyone should have. If you’re near New York, pop in for tea or take a tour of the grand architecture. If you have cash to burn, book a room and enjoy all the amenities the classic hotel has to offer.

The Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel in New York

Opening in 1890, the Plaza Hotel is now a work of art that attracts influential people from around the world. It’s ambiance and history has inspired locations for many books, movies, and television shows over the decades; some of these include: Eloise, The Great Gatsby, Home Alone 2, and was even animated in American Dad!

A Penthouse View at The Plaza Hotel in New York

If you can’t make it to New York right now (or don’t feel like leaving your house), you can still experience the elegance by watching Architectural Digest’s virtual tour of the Plaza Hotel below. Marvel at the design, learn about historic events and guests, and experience areas of the hotel you never knew existed.