Peter Pan’s Flight has been a staple at Disneyland since its opening; learn how has the ride has remained so popular throughout the decades.

Peter Pan’s Flight still boasts some of the longest lines in Disneyland. How has it remained so popular?

Peter Pan's Flight Ride at Disneyland

The story of Peter Pan was beloved by Walt Disney, so it was no surprise when the ride received a prime location in the park’s layout. At the time, the ride was cutting edge, using a dark ride design used in some of the park’s other Fantasyland rides: Alice in Wonderland, Snow White’s Scary Adventures and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Unlike the other dark rides, there was nothing even remotely scary depicted in the Peter Pan scenes, making the ride a pleasant experience for children of all ages.

Initially the ride was crafted so that guests experienced the ride from the perspective of Peter Pan, this meant that the character of Peter Pan was never depicted in the ride’s scenes. This issue was recitified when the Disney World version of the ride opened in the 1970s. When Disneyland’s Fantasyland received an overhaul in the 1980s, Peter Pan was added to several scenes and the ride upgraded to match the technology used in the Disney World version.

The original design of the ride was no small feat and engineers and designers worked round the clock to meet their fast-approaching deadline. The video below pays tribute to the designers, the original Disneyland ride’s history, and reasons why the ride remains so popular to this day. Watch to find out more about the classic ride!