Forget the oven and serve up an easy and delicious Chocolate and Nutella Trifle dessert this holiday season!

I love a good-looking dessert to put in the middle of the table during a holiday feast. Especially when that dessert doesn’t require me to turn on the oven. Which is why I’m so in love with this Chocolate and Nutella Trifle recipe – it’s quick, delicious, and unbelievably easy. And the best part of all is, when presented right, the dessert will impress your guests!

Chocolate and Nutella Trifle Dessert Recipe

This dessert requires a layer of chocolate cake; if you don’t want to use the “no-bake” option, you might have to turn on the oven after all. Use your best swiss-roll-style cake recipe when making your own cake. Otherwise, check out the easy ingredients below:

  • pre-made chocolate cake or brownies
  • baileys irish cream (or coffee for a non-alcoholic version)
  • vanilla custard or pudding mix
  • dark chocolate chips
  • chocolate shavings
  • nutella
  • oreo cookies
  • heavy cream
  • icing sugar
  • chocolate truffles
  • vanilla extract
  • chocolate syrup

Do you have everything you need? Good! Click over to to get the full recipe.