Hot Honey and Bacon Goat Cheese Dip Recipe [Food Finds]

I am so ready to dip into this delectable, easy-to-make hot honey and bacon goat cheese dip! Get the recipe.

I am not the best cook, though I try. I love posting the recipes I get excited about, but that doesn’t mean I can actually put it all together. But this hot honey and bacon goat cheese dip is easy enough that a bumbling wannabe chef like me can’t screw it up! And holy wow, this cheese dip looks fantastic!

If you’re ready to whip up your own bowl of hot honey and bacon goat cheese dip, here are the few ingredients you’ll need:

  • bacon
  • goat cheese
  • green onions
  • hot honey
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • crackers, chips, and/or vegetables (for dipping)

This whipped goat cheese is an embarrassingly easy snack that you can throw together in minutes! Creamy whipped goat cheese topped with crunchy, smoky bacon and drizzled in hot honey. The most delish dip!

If you have all the ingredients, get the full recipe for hot honey and bacon goat cheese dip at