The crew at Corridor Digital deepfaked Keanu Reeves and the likeness is insanely accurate! Watch how they did it.

Deepfakes are both amazing and terrifying.  The tools are becoming more and more intelligent and the artists are becoming more and more savvy. As a result, it’s becoming almost impossible to tell the difference between a real video and a deepfake. Recently, Corridor Digital created on of my new, favorite deepfakes starring Keanu Reeves (except, you know, not really….).

How Corridor Crew Deepfaked Keanu Reeves Ending a Robbery in Progress

I’ve been a huge fan of Keanu Reeves since Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. My computer password isn’t Johnny Utah (shout-out to Sheriff Lamb!), but Point Break is one of the greatest movies ever made; the movie is about sky-diving bank-robbers and surfing FBI agents, need I say more?! When I heard the Corridor Digital team was attempting a deepfake of Reeves I couldn’t wait to see the end-result.

Find out exactly how Corridor created a video of Keanu Reeves stopping a robbery, without Reeves… or an actual robbery!

Watch the final result: