How Do You Pronounce ‘Timothy Olyphant?’ You’re Wrong!

How have you been saying Timothy Olyphant’s last name? The actor wants you to know you’re probably wrong!

I’ve been a fan of Timothy Olyphant since I first saw him in the 1999 movie, Go. I went to the theater to see Katie Holmes, Scott Wolf, Taye Diggs, and Sarah Polley, among others, but the minute Olyphant walked onscreen, I forgot about the rest. It wasn’t so much a crush (although, back then, maybe it was), but it was a realization that this guy was different, engaging, and one to watch. And I did watch; I watched almost everything he’s been in since (Deadwood, Justified, that weird movie with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith…). So you think I’d know how to pronounce his last name, right? Wrong! Fortunately, I guess I’m not alone.

As it turns out, Timothy Olyphant has been so lax with fans, friends, and even his family, that his daughters mispronounced his name regularly! Now, if you’ve seen Olyphant in an interview before, you know he’s a pretty laid-back guy, but he’s decided it’s time you learn how to say his name!

Watch Timothy Olyphant on The Rich Eisen Show:

Actor Timothy Olyphant joins Rich Eisen in-studio where he reveals that we’ve been mispronouncing his last name all along.

Want to watch the whole interview? Check it out: