How Jack Black Made ‘School of Rock’ a Classic for All Ages

School of Rock is a classic for a lot of reasons, but the main reason? Jack Black! Don’t believe me? Read on to find out why.

Here’s the truth; like him or not, Jack Black is the only actor that could have played Dewey in Richard Linklater’s School of Rock. When released in 2003, Rock quickly became a box office hit and received praise for its heartwarming story and energetic musical performances. But what really made School of Rock a success was Jack Black’s performance as Dewey Finn.

From the opening scene of School of Rock, Jack Black owned the screen with his larger-than-life personality. His sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm, paired with his comedic timing, made Dewey Finn instantly likable, regardless of his transgressions. And that isn’t easy, given that he lied about his identity to take a substitute teaching job with young, innocent children. And then, once he learned of their musical talents, he set out to exploit them for his own gain. But, because of Black’s charm and genuine likability, the audience forgives his transgressions repeatedly.

Black’s chemistry with the child actors cannot be dismissed. School of Rock would be a very different movie if he had not connected with the actors on and off the screen. As a result, the interactions felt natural and authentic. This dynamic helped to elevate the movie to a heartwarming and inspiring story that resonated with viewers of all ages. We’re so grateful creator Mike White knew what he was doing when he recommended his friend Jack Black for the role.

Want more on how Black made School of Rock a smashing success? Watch the video below: