Fake the piano (any time of year) with just a few important rules!

Having spent a lot of my life learning and perfecting my musical skills (to include paying a large tuition to a very prominent music school), it pains me to say this but… it’s pretty easy to fake piano skills. What do you need to know to “fake the piano,” you might ask? Well, not much.

There are a few key factors to know (no pun intended); first, you may want to learn a few notes for starting points (plus, it makes you sound more knowledgeable). But don’t worry, no one’s asking you to learn entire scales or anything. Also, there is a specific hand position that seems to serve those few notes pretty well.

In the video below, this guy (who has obviously had a bit of practice faking it by now) shows you some important elements to impressing your friends on the piano. He may not get all the details absolutely correct but, hey, close enough. Again, as much as I hate to say it, it’s kind of ridiculous how effortless it looks to fake the piano!