I’m Sorry, WHAT?! Velveeta Chocolate Truffles

Cheese and chocolate?! Sure. VELVEETA cheese and chocolate?! Now that’s insane! Check out these Velveeta Chocolate Truffles.

Yes, you read that right. Velveeta Chocolate Truffles, or, rather, TruffVels. Do you actually need these cheesy chocolates in your life? Probably not. But if you’re like me, you’re still dying to try one! Well, you’re in luck because right now, Los Angeles chocolatier Compartés is offering a gift box for Mother’s Day!

Compartés Chocolatier has teamed up with Velveeta to create TruffVels – the first-ever chocolate cheese truffle. TruffVels brings the deliciously creamy and iconic Velveeta drip to the world of Compartes gourmet luxury chocolate, combining the two foods known for hitting the bullseye of pleasure: Compartes chocolate and Velveeta.

The Velveeta infused white chocolate shell-shaped truffle is made for those who go all in for the things they love. Compartes Chocolate Cheese TruffVels consist of Compartés sweet white chocolate paired with the creamy delicious bite of Velveeta for a unique sensation unlike any other.

The iconic custom shell-shape is made to mirror Velveeta Shells and Cheese and was created by chocolatier Jonathan Grahm, infusing Velveeta cheese sauce into Compartés award-winning chocolate to create a match made in culinary heaven. []

Buy your box of Velveeta Chocolate Truffles today!