Invaders may not sound like a Holiday film but trust me, this Christmas, sci-fi short will steal your heart!

It’s time to start a new holiday tradition: watching the Christmas-themed short Invaders on Christmas Eve. Why, you ask? Because this delightful live-action and computer animated film is sweet, endearing and is 100% family-friendly.

Invaders - Short Animated Holiday Film

Invaders, directed by Daniel Prince, tells the tale of a “small UFO trying to impress and gain acceptance from his friends” and as a result, “he inadvertently changes Christmas forever.” And for those of you old enough to remember, the film was inspired by the film *batteries not included (which starred Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy; I imagine most of you have no idea who those actors are… sigh….).

Whether young or… not-young, watch this 14 minute, animated short and get in the spirit of Christmas!