Iowa Teen Saves Man and Dog in Icy Rescue [Good News]

It’s time for some good news! An Iowa teen makes a daring rescue in the icy waters of Lake Okoboji – watch the incredible act unfold.

I can always use some good news! So when I heard about 17-year-old Joe Salmon’s daring rescue, I had to share. The Iowa teen has gone viral over his quick thinking at Lake Okoboji, where he saved Thomas Lee and his dog from the icy waters. Watch the scene below.

While Thomas Lee was driving, his Jeep fell through the ice on Lake Okoboji. On that day, Joe Salmon and others were ice fishing nearby. Now, it should be known that several individuals helped with the rescue or by treating Lee and his dog after their rescue, but as you can see in the footage below, the Iowa teen goes the extra mile. First, he rescues the dog (pet lovers everywhere rejoice!) and then tries to help Lee. Even when Lee could not get out because his foot was stuck, Salmon dove into the car to pull him out. I would like to think any of us would do the same, but in moments like this, you find out who you really are. Watch the drama unfold in the video below: