Aki Peritz is a real life Jack Ryan, learn more about his story!

I’m hooked on the new Jack Ryan series starring John Krasinski. What’s not to love about the new Amazon Prime streaming series? As a CIA analyst, it is Ryan’s job to monitor communications in certain parts of the world to determine threat levels. The book turned movie turned series character is consistently traveling to foreign lands and ending up in some of the most dangerous situations any CIA operative has faced. But Ryan is just a character, this isn’t how the real CIA analysts behave, is it? According to Aki Peritz, it absolutely is.

Aki Peritz is a real-life Jack Ryan of sorts. He began as a CIA analyst stuffed in an office somewhere, working at his desk every day and going home every night. But then everything changed and in the blink of an eye, Peritz had to learn to serve overseas, specifically Baghdad. Learn more about his “Jack Ryan” story: