Katie Holmes in Sequined Zebra Pants [Love the Look!]

I’m in love with the sequined zebra pants Katie Holmes wore during 2023’s New York Fashion Week – animal print is back!

Katie Holmes at New York Fashion Week

I am not always one for animal prints, but there is something special about the sequined zebra pants that Katie Holmes wore during New York Fashion Week. While supporting designer Michael Kors and sitting with some pretty iconic guests such as Kate Hudson, Mindy Kaling, Anna Wintour, and Alan Cumming, Holmes reminded everyone why she’s a style icon.

My favorite part of the whole look is how understated she went with the rest of her outfit, makeup, and hair. The downplayed style allows the sequined zebra pants to shine without being too loud or gaudy.

As Glamour noted, I’m not quite sure these sequined zebra pants are the most comfortable to sit in, but I am ready and willing to suffer for style (except for shoes, give me comfy shoes all day long; screw you, stilettos!).