Kentucky is what happens when a jazz-pop princess meets a pop-punk rebel… and the result is totally unexpected!

Everything is strange about the music video for the song Kentucky. First, for those who have never been to Kentucky, the state, there are no beaches and therefore, no actual surfing. I’m sure someone will argue that their homemade wave machine using a car engine and slip and slide counts. But it doesn’t. So, first, no actual beaches. Second, no real surfing.

Why do I bring up beaches and surfing? Because the video, which you can watch below, is mostly a young couple on the beach… surfing. Granted the song is about remembering Kentucky, so maybe the couple is remembering their love of Kentucky while surfing? Because that seems like a logical time to fondly remember a landlocked state… when you’re having a wonderful afternoon surfing.

But despite the fact that I can’t let go of the Malibu afternoon beach-setting for a song that has lyrics like, “Kentucky, I miss the old folks singing in the silvery moonlight. Kentucky, I miss the hound dogs chasin’ ooooonnn.” what’s even stranger is the combination of voices behind the song and its album, Foreverly.

Foreverly is the 2013 love child of jazz musician Norah Jones and pop-punk songwriter and Green Day front-man, Billie Joe Armstrong; and is a retelling of the 1958 The Everly Brothers’ album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. Jones is known for her sexy-soothing voice and Armstrong is known for… well… Dookie. It’s an unexpected collaboration at best. But somehow it all works; Foreverly is easily one of my favorite finds and the throwback sound is perfect for their vocal blend.

Kentucky by Norah Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong

You are the dearest land, outside of Heaven to me
I miss your laurel and your redbud trees

When I die,
I want to rest upon a graceful mountain so high
For that is
Where God will look for me

I miss the old folks singing in the silvery moonlight
I miss the hound dogs chasin’ ooooonnn

I know that
My mother, dad and sweetheart are waiting for me
I will be coming soon

Listen to the full Foreverly album on Spotify:

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