Life is a beautiful sport, since 1933.

In one of the newest commercials from Lacoste, an epic journey takes place after a man falls in love at first sight, the only problem is his new-found love is boarding a train that is pulling out of the station. As a chase ensues, the man searches across time to find his lost-love.

Lacoste - Timless the Film

Whether you believe in the concept of love at first sight or not, Lacoste’s ad is beautifully done and pulls the viewer in for the less-than-two-minute story immediately. You hope for the man to find the woman and you feel the instant connection between them. The cinematography is gorgeous, the costumes are exquisite, and the actors are beyond engaging… what’s not to love?

Accompanied by Max Richter’s song, November plays in the background and all of the man’s clothing is by Lacoste (just follow the ever-present Lacoste logo on his shirt). Above you will find the full director’s cut of the commercial, which runs almost a full minute longer than the regular cut.

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