Learn How to Argue in a Healthy Way!

I miss a good argument – is it possible to exchange opposing opinions without rage and anxiety? Learn how to argue in a healthy way!

An argument is easy to start and hard to end. That’s very, very true. Unfortunately, we continually erupt into arguments nowadays, but not necessarily the healthy kind. Healthy? Yes. Arguing can be an asset to advancing forward with anything from art and culture to technology. Arguing can inspire ideas and weed out stupidity. When done well, it can enhance relationships, solve problems, and improve our mental health. But… most of the time, arguing simply causes nothing but anxiety and maybe even rage. Why is that? Have we forgotten how to argue?

Former Harvard debate coach Bo Seo is an expert on arguing and believes that if we all could learn how to argue in a healthy way, the world might stop being so divisive. Maybe we could even learn from those who have opposing opinions. In the video below, Seo reveals a little about his background and gives us a lot to think about when it comes to how to have a healthy argument:

Bo Seo, an author and two-time world debate champion, believes our public conversations are in crisis. To Seo, our arguing skills have collectively atrophied over recent decades, resulting in bad arguments that have caused many people to lose faith in the idea that productive disagreements are even possible.