Unless you’re hanging out in the Forum Shops, no one questions what goes on in the underground of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a giant playground for all ages and above ground, the town is a constant whirlwind of activity. But underground, another culture is developing.

According to The Guardian, there are an estimated 300 people that live their lives below the surface of Sin City. Some move there because they have no place to live, some move there to find quiet, but many of the tunnel residents find themselves struggling with serious addiction.

Paul Vautrinot, a former tunnel dweller, has since moved out and back into the world. Vautrinot admits he was comfortable when he lived there but now, as a member of the organization “Shine a Light”, he understands the quality of life is little to none. Along with “Shine a Light”, he strives to help others to find their way out of the tunnels as he did.

Watch as Vautrinot takes The Guardian down into the tunnels of Las Vegas and explains the world he used to know so well.