What brought this little astronaut to be on this bench? Only you know why!

This little astronaut has a past and you’re the key to revealing the backstory. Who is this spaceman? Is he/she even human? Does he/she have parents… actually, how old is he/she?! Please tell us, we need to know!

This beautiful image deserves a backstory and it’s up to you to give it one. There are so many ways this story can go and so many different personalities this character can have. Use your imagination to develop this scene into something much more.

You must use the image (from reddit user Astrodad75) as your guide and you must complete your story in the alloted time given. Part of your goal should be to bring your short story to a close before the time limit is over. If you like what you’ve written, you can always develop it into something bigger but try not to leave your first draft open ended.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Use the image given above as your guide to creating the entire story.
  • Bring your story to a close as best you can in 45 minutes. Think it through as much as you need to before you begin but as soon as you write the first word, your time starts. When 45 minutes is up, stop writing.
  • Let your imagine run wild!

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