A couple leaves their comfortable city home to live in a fire tower house 40 ft in the air in rural Oregon.

Alan Colley and Dabney Tompkins moved out of the big city of Dallas, Texas and eventually ended up in a quaint fire tower house in rural Oregon. At first, the space, roughly 388 sq ft in size and standing roughly 40 ft tall, was meant to be a getaway spot for weekend trips; eventually the couple decided to try living in their unique home full time.

Living 40 ft in the air takes some getting used to but according to the couple it offers a magical experience unlike any other. Colley and Tompkins had to make sacrifices to live out in their tower home, for example their outhouse is on ground level, which means a descent and ascent of 66 steps every time you need to visit the outhouse. Living so high up, it’s no wonder they have several “pee” options.

Before ever buying a fire tower home of their own, they helped rent out several that were all but abandoned by the U.S Forest Service. Eventually Colley and Tompkins wanted one of their own and had their weekend gettaway custom built. The couple is so content in their rural dream home, they can’t imagine returning to the big-city lifestyle they once led.

Find out more about the couple and their unique home in the video below: