We all do dumb things… but trying to fill up a Tesla with gas? That’s a whole new level of stupid.

Imagine pulling into the gas station to fill up and finding a woman struggling to put gas in her car. Your first thought would probably be to assist… until you realize her car is a Tesla. For those who don’t know, you can’t fill up a Tesla with gas – it’s a fully electric car!

Recently, a driver had this exact experience. Instead of getting out to help the woman, he decided to pull out his phone and film the situation in front of him; can you blame him? Anyone who has purchased a Tesla (and pretty much anyone with the internet) knows that Teslas run on a battery that must be charged. Teslas “fill up” by plugging into a power station. Basically, there’s no gas tank. So what was this woman thinking?

It’s possible the video was staged. To give the woman the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible she was borrowing the car and didn’t know there was no gas tank. But either way, it doesn’t matter — the video is hilarious and definitely worth your time. (At least she took it well when someone let her know!)

Watch as a woman tries to fill up a Tesla with gas: