This Nike Bootcamp Workout will whip you back into shape, all you need is 45 minutes!

The food-centric winter holidays are over and it’s time to start getting ready for the new year. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to start taking off the holiday pounds; begin today with a Nike Bootcamp workout!

Set aside the 45 minutes a day to get yourself back to a healthy center, you know before all the holiday eating became a priority. This isn’t about that little dress you want to wear or the fact that beach weather is approaching fast; this is about making sure you are the healthiest version of yourself.

Shed those holiday pounds and feel better about the new year!

It’s time to activate and acknowledge your muscles — especially your glutes — with this workout from Nike trainer and Nike running coach Bec Wilcock. First, we’ll focus on mobility to wake up the correct muscles and prep you for all the moves to come. As the workout progresses, you can level up with the use of a heavy resistance band and a pair of medium weights to intensify booty-centric moves like bridges and crab-walks and full-body moves like burpees. Press play and get ready to train, Nike-style!