Be retro-chic with this throwback outfit straight out of the 1990s!

There is something so fun about 1990s fashion, which is why I adore this retro look from Carolyn at the My Chic Obsession fashion blog. Carolyn paired a checkered mini-skirt with a slick, black bodysuit and I can’t wait to copy the look!

Love the Look! Go Retro with a 90s Style Mini Skirt and Body Suit

Back in the 90s, there was nothing more common than a girl in a bodysuit – they were everywhere! And there was a reason for that, they looked great with everything, especially a short, mini-skirt. In Carolyn’s look, she’s paired her Forever 21 bodysuit and mini-skirt with a pair of knee-high Rue 21 boots, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and an adorable beret.

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