Martin Frost is the only commercial fore-edge artist in the world, watch as his paintings disappear before your very eyes!

Martin Frost is a very skilled artist who can create paintings that disappear. It’s not magic or trickery, but rather fore-edge painting, a niche art form that requires a great deal of skill and patience. And judging by his work, Frost is a very talented and very patient man.

Fore-edge painting is the art of painting images on the pages of a closed book, ideally on a book that has a metallic edge. When the scene is painted, the pages are bound in a fanned-out position, allowing the painter to carefully create the desired scene. After the scene is painted, the pages must be fanned out in order for the painting to show. When the book is fully open, the scene is broken and distorted; when the book is closed, the scene is hidden by the metallic page edges.

The art form is meticulous, you must have a steady hand and a love for detail in order to succeed. Frost has both. In the video below, Frost shows his ability to create some of the most extraordinary creations on books. From single to dual scenes, his skill and success is undeniable. Take a look: