Everyone is getting in on the “making fun of Venmo” craze but this CollegeHumor video might be the best content yet!

In theory, we all knew something like Venmo would come along one day; everything is about sharing on social media so why not financial transactions? I mean, who doesn’t want to know I threw my friend $25 through the app because they had to cover me in a cash-only situation? I love admitting that I wasn’t at all prepared and had no cash. Of course I want to hear everyone’s opinion on that.

I have the app on my phone and I’ve used it privately to pay someone back and, in that capacity, I’m a fan. It’s the sharing-aspect that I don’t understand; and apparently, I am not the only one. Recently, YouTube comedy channels have been taking aim at the ridiculousness of the app; Funny or Die added a Venmo star to its mockumentary series, Tween Fest, and CollegeHumor recently took aim with a message from the CEO.

If you find value in sharing on Venmo, go for it. Just because it seems ridiculous to some of us doesn’t mean it won’t be the norm in the next two-three years. (Anyone remember how we all freaked out over Twitter once upon a time?)