Nineteen Steps: The Millie Bobby Brown Backlash [Book News]

Should Millie Bobby Brown be credited as the author of her new fiction novel Nineteen Steps if she relied on a ghostwriter?

Actor Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) has authored a new fiction novel titled Nineteen Steps. Her grandmother’s wartime experiences inspired the novel and is a deeply personal story for Brown and her family. However, the actress wasn’t the one who wrote the book. It was based on her research and ideas, but Brown had the story written by a ghostwriter. As a result, some readersĀ are questioning whether she should be listed as the author.

Using a ghostwriter is nothing new, but the practice is typically used for celebrity biographies or works of non-fiction. And in those cases, the ghostwriter remains hidden. Millie Bobby Brown, on the other hand, has been very upfront about using a ghostwriter and has listed novelist Kathleen McGurl as a co-writer on Nineteen Steps. However, on the present cover of the historical fiction novel, Brown is the only author credited.

If the overall plan and story were developed with the actor, I have no objection to her name appearing on the cover. However, Kathleen McGurl’s name should be prominently shown too. What are your thoughts on Millie Bobby Brown’s name on the cover of Nineteen Steps? Watch the video below to learn more: