This Is the Most Luxurious Motorhome I’ve Ever Seen!

It’s a yacht on wheels! Travel in luxury on the open road with a Dembell Motorhome Model M – take a virtual tour.

Who needs a luxury hotel when you own a Dembell Motorhome? If I could afford a million dollar (plus!) RV, you can bet I’d sell my home and travel the country instantly. Although driving this beast of a vehicle seems terrifying, soooo anyone else want to come along and chauffeur me around?

Just look at the Motorhome Model M in the video below. The outside has an incredibly sleek design that transfers from a fully functioning vehicle to a camper’s dream with all the bells and whistles. For example, a seating area has automatic shades, LED lighting, and branded matching chairs. AND, if that wasn’t cool enough, there is a garage that fits an included smart car, so you can have a second, smaller vehicle wherever you go!

The inside of the Motorhome Model M is even more impressive than the outside. Dembell brought in yacht design experts to ensure every detail is functional, state-of-the-art, and comfortable. So whether cruising down the highway on the most comfortable, air-suspended seats or cooking in the kitchen (complete with a dishwasher!), it’s the most luxurious transient experience money can buy.

Watch the video below to get a virtual tour of Dembell’s Motorhome model M:

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the Dembell Motorhome models for yourself, check out their official site: