My New Dream Home… is a Tree House?!

I’m ready to rekindle my love of a well-designed tree house after discovering this stunning home in Vietnam! When can I move in?!

I always imagined myself living in a tree house as a child. My kids, husband, and I would build rope ladders and scale branches to get from one room to another in the most spectacular home ever. And it would have been wonderful if I could have built what I dreamed of back then! Unfortunately, tree houses are often better suited for children because no adult wants that level of effort just to live in a home. I don’t want to carry my groceries up a rope ladder and “swing” them into the kitchen. But what if there was an adult-sized tree house? One that retained the fun and spirit of a tree house while also being livable and pleasant. Introducing the “Tree House by the Lake” in Vietnam.

More than 70 years have passed, and I still vividly remember that day, every summer, it was hot, our children would gather under the canopy of an old tree and then set up a small tent together. We call it “House” to avoid the sun and to have fun. Some cut down trees, others cut leaves to set up tents and decorate them so that they were beautiful and eye-catching. After completing the “House”, we went to find things to “settle down” in that leaf hut…


The tree house is primarily comprised of “scrap” materials, which helped to lessen the carbon impact of the residence, which was built on the waterfront in a forest. Using these materials also helps the residence to blend in with the natural landscape rather than stick out.

The architects also incorporated the use of the perennial conch trees into the design of the tree house, making the home part of the forest.

The entire house is designed to maximize natural light, and on a clear day, areas of the house are filled with sunshine. Imagine being able to bathe in that light while looking out over the lake! When the weather is nice, much of the house opens up to let the air in.

And, of course, the tree house has to have a bit of whimsy in order to be the perfect dream home! Check out the netting, where you can sit and admire the view or read a book as if you’re in a hammock. Or walk up and down the circular staircase that winds around a… you guessed it! A tree! It winds around a tree!

So, who’s ready to move into this grown-up tree house?!