Parahawking Let’s You Fly with the Birds

Parahawking combines paragliding with falconry – it’s the closest you’ll ever get to flying with the birds!

Have you ever wanted to fly with the birds? Yeah, in theory, I know. But what I’m asking is, have you actually wanted to fly with the birds? Yes? Then parahawking is your new extreme activity! The practice of Parahawking combines paragliding and falconry to create one of the most fascinating hobbies I’ve ever seen. It looks amazing!

Parahawking was developed by British falconer Scott Mason in 2001. Mason began a round-the-world trip in Pokhara, Nepal, where many birds of prey – such as the griffon vulture, steppe eagle and black kite – can be found. While taking a tandem paragliding flight with British paraglider Adam Hill, he had the opportunity to see raptors in flight, and realised that he could combine the sports of paragliding and falconry.

Watch Parahawking in action below: