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How the People of Mackinac Island Saved A Wedding On Fire

How the People of Mackinac Island Saved A Wedding On Fire

A wedding from the ashes… get your tissues, you’ll need it when you hear how the good people of Mackinac Island salvaged a couple’s big day.

It seems like now, more than ever, I’m desperate for good news; especially good news about good people, and this story is filled with good people! When I heard how the folks of Mackinac Island in Michigan came to the aide of a young bride and groom, I couldn’t stop the happy tears from flowing. Even now, I’m getting all misty-eyed again as I write this. To me, this story is the perfect example of what a real-life fairy tale wedding looks like.

Photo of newlywed couple escaping fire on Mackinac Island

Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt had planned their wedding perfectly, to include the location of Mackinac Island. The beautiful resort island, located in Lake Huron, is a popular spot for weddings, especially in the warmer months. Throughout most of the day, everything was perfect, but all of that changed when the house next door to the reception venue caught fire.

No wedding guest or staff member was injured but everyone had to be evacuated. While the newlyweds spent their time in the church where they were just married, the good people of Mackinac Island came together to salvage the couple’s big day. Using the assistance of local chefs, venues and other helping hands, it only took an hour to move the reception to a new outdoor location. It’s an uplifting and inspiring story that you just need to see for yourself:

Bride and groom Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt say their wedding on Mackinac Island, Mich., was like a fairy tale – until a building next to their wedding venue caught fire, forcing their guests to evacuate. What happened next could only be described as a true fairy tale ending. Steve Hartman reports.

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