Podcast Review: The Sea in the Sky – An Audible Drama

When Bee and Ty land on Saturn’s moon, they have no idea what’s in store. Listen to the captivating limited audio drama “The Sea in the Sky” from Audible.

This audio drama has been on my list for about a year now, and I finally dug in this weekend. I thought I would listen casually while cleaning the house, but I was so into “The Sea in the Sky” I barely got any cleaning done. I love a good drama, and this limited audio series did not disappoint!

Is it really a podcast?

Because it’s fictional, the series crosses the line between a podcast and an audiobook. Audio-drama is a much better term for the 12-part series. The cast is compelling, and the narration is backed up with incredible sound effects; the combination makes for a great listening experience. (Make sure you listen with headphones!)
About the Podcast:

In this scripted Audible Original, wisecracking marine biologist and astronaut Bee Guerrero has signed up for the trip of a lifetime: a series of dives deep into the pitch-black waters of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus.

Set in the near future when global climate catastrophe has forced humans to search for solutions on new planets, The Sea in the Sky chronicles two astronauts’ journey, in what could be the final NASA-sponsored mission to space. In their search for life, Bee and Ty navigate uncharted waters, take on incredible risks and confront difficult truths about themselves. What will they find at the bottom of it all?

At times epic and intimate, laugh-out-loud funny and achingly soulful, The Sea in the Sky plumbs the depths of science and faith, triumph and failure. The Audible Original drama is told via daily “dispatches” sent from the space shuttle back to Earth, together with original music and sound design, a never-before-heard space rap, and a full cast of actors.
Should you listen?

If you like a good story, “The Sea and the Sky” is for you! Each episode is roughly 30 minutes, and you’ll likely blow right through in no time. If you don’t already have an Audible account, check out the Amazon page, and if you’re still interested, click through to sign up for Audible. You’ll be glad you did!