Recreational Fear Lab studies fear for fun

Recreational Fear Lab Finds the Sweet Spot of Fear and Pleasure

The ‘study of fear’ is essential, especially for those who love horror movies and haunted houses. Check out Recreational Fear Lab!

Imagine if your entire job focused on studying fear and finding the line between fun and frightening. Think about it; sometimes, fear is pleasurable. For example, we love jump scares at a haunted house or watching a truly terrifying horror movie. We’re scared of these activities, but we feel safe. Because we know we can’t be hurt, our fear can contribute to an overall pleasurable experience. Recreational Fear Lab works to find that line for folks who like to be scared safely. What feels safe? What is too far over the fear line? How can these findings help provide more entertaining experiences in the future?

With the use of tricks like haunted houses or virtual reality, or even horror movie experiences, Recreational Fear Lab allows the subjects to have fun while experts closely monitor their reactions. Researchers are interested in the effects of their experiments on the “psychological, physiological, and social dimensions of recreational fear.”

Learn more about the research lab located at Aarhus University in Denmark: