James Franco spoofing Hallmark Holiday Movies is one of the most accurate Hallmark Channel parodies of all time. Watch!

Hallmark holiday movies are loved all over the world, but even fans who love them have to know they’re a little predictable and super cheesy! My friends can’t get enough of them and I just can’t understand why. I try, I promise, I really do, and my melodramatic teenage self loved them, but adult me? No, thank you. But do you know what my friends and I can agree on? This “cut-for-time” Saturday Night Live sketch of James Franco spoofing Hallmark holiday movies!

James Franco Spoofing Hallmark Holiday Movies on SNL in 2017

Back in December 2017, James Franco hosted SNL and this delightful sketch, which was shot as a digital short, was cut for time. I can remember the rest of his sketches but surely there was another, lesser, sketch that should have been cut instead. Regardless, it is certainly the most accurate comedic representation of Hallmark holiday movies ever. This promo covers the ‘girl comes back to small, hometown after living in the big city and falls in love with her high school sweetheart’ plot; the ‘pretty baker is magically trapped in a snow globe’ plot; the ‘rising professional ice skater gets amnesia and wakes up as a princess’ plot; and so much more!

Whether you love the Hallmark Channel or not, you are sure to love this parody. Watch!