Robert Redford, one of the greatest Hollywood leading men of all time, retires from acting at the age of 82.

Robert Redford is an acting legend who made women swoon for decades; born to be a leading man, Redford made his mark in films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Way We Were. He’s been acting most of his adult life, so why, even when he continues to get movie offers, is he choosing to retire from acting?

Robert Redford retires from acting at age 82

Redford, at the age of 82, has no intentions of retiring from Hollywood, just from the acting part of his career. He has had a good run recently, finding unique roles in Netflix productions, Marvel movies, and smaller indie films; but as he says, he “can’t do this forever.”

Redford has had a long, notable career to be proud of; films such as Barefoot in the Park, The Sting, The Great Gatsby, All the President’s Men, The Natural, Out of Africa, Indecent Proposal, The Horse Whisperer, and more have earned him the praise of fans, peers and critics alike. Watch as he discusses his career and retirement with CBS Sunday Morning: