Ruen Jarung in Thailand sells out for an entire year in 8 seconds – how many restaurants do you know that can do that?!

Most travelers coordinate the dates of their travel around vacation time, school holidays, or to recognize significant milestones or anniversaries. Most travelers do not coordinate the dates of their travel around a reservation at a particular restaurant; but if you want to eat at Ruen Jarung (AKA Ayutthaya real chillin house), you’re going to need to do just that.

Ruen Jarung in Thailand is off the beaten path and about an hour outside of Bangkok. The small, homestyle (seriously, home-style) restaurant serves some of the most amazing authentic Thai food you’ll ever taste and the atmosphere is incredible too. I would say the next time you find yourself in Thailand, you should check it out but chances are, you won’t get in.

Ruen Jarung is only open on the weekends and has three slots available each day… but only if you have a reservation. No walk-ins! Don’t expect to book months in advance either – it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get in. The Ayutthaya real chillin house is so popular that it sold out for an entire year in roughly 8 seconds the last time it opened up for reservations via the restaurant’s Facebook page.

If you’re one of the lucky few to have a reservation, you’ll have no trouble filling the other slots at the table – I’m pretty sure everyone wants to be your friend right now. If not, take a look at the video below to see what you’re missing.


Dishes in the video above include:
  • Shrimp paste chili dip
  • Stink beans with shrimp
  • Sour curry bamboo shoots
  • Winged bean salad
  • Roasted river shrimp
  • Dried fried pork
  • Dried fried beef
  • Beef soup
  • Fried squid
  • Bengal currant dessert
  • Snail curry, climbing wattle
  • Fried pork belly
  • Congee

If you want to keep an eye out for the next reservation window, follow Ruen Jarung /Ayutthaya real chillin house on Facebook: