Ryan Gosling Could’ve Been in a Boy Band – Watch!

Ryan Gosling has been singing and dancing since the beginning. Don’t believe me, let’s go waaaaay back before he was “Just Ken!”

Are you as obsessed with the Barbie movie as I am? How could you not be? The movie’s marketing team is in overdrive – the world has temporarily turned pink! Recently, we were treated to a preview of Ryan Gosling’s Ken singing his character’s rock anthem, “I’m Just Ken!” If you’ve seen LaLa Land, you’re probably not surprised by Gosling’s ability to sing and dance, but it goes back much further. Check it out!

Once upon a time, Ryan Gosling was a cast member of The Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club along with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, and Christina Aguilera. The truth is, Gosling could’ve easily been a member of the boy band NSync if he hadn’t focused on acting, and this video proves it. Watch as Gosling croons “Cry For You” by Jodeci:

Are you still craving more young Ryan Gosling? Go back even further to a Canadian Star Search-type series, where Gosling and his otherwise all-girl dance team rock out in hammer pants (via The Graham Norton Show with Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller, and Emma Stone):

If you still haven’t seen La La Land, well, that’s a shame, but here’s a clip of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone singing and dancing their hearts out: