Ryan Reynold Shares His Thoughts on Pumpkin Spice

Ryan Reynolds shares his strong opinions about pumpkin spice in a new and hilarious Aviation Gin ad. Watch it now!

You can depend on one thing at the end of every summer: pumpkin spice will be EVERYWHERE! The trend began with the Starbucks Latte, but it has since spread throughout the world. Just last week, I received a candle scented with you-know-what! (I mean, thank you for the candle; I love it, but…) The craze is so excessive and gets worse every year! Who will defy the cult of pumpkin spice?! Ryan Reynolds, that’s who.

Ryan Reynolds takes aim at the flavor of pumpkin spice while preparing a tasty Aviation Gin (duh!) Negroni in the ad below. Watch:

Here’s a Negroni Week recipe for those who love having the taste of warm #PumpkinSpice nowhere near their mouth.