Butter& Bakery in San Francisco is staying open and paying employees during Covid-19 with quarantine cakes. Order yours today.

With Covid-19 spreading, businesses are suffering, especially businesses reliant on in-person gatherings. Butter& Bakery in San Francisco is typically known for their lavish event cakes; but without big weddings, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations, sales tumbled. As a result, the bakery created small, individual quarantine cakes – perfect for social distancing!

'Wash Your Hands' quarantine cake from Butter&

'Pretend you're an introvert' quarantine cake from Butter&

Amanda Nguyen founded Butter& Bakery after years of baking elegant cakes for family and friends. She worked out recipes night after night, all while working a day job at Facebook. She continued to improve each recipe until she was satisfied with each end result. Her service may have started small but she eventually grew it into the boutique bakery known as Butter& Bakery. Even after all the ups and downs of growing a small business, Nguyen never imagined she’d be in the business of making quarantine cakes.

Amanda Nguyen of Butter&

If you’re in the San Francisco area, look into supporting Butter& by purchasing a quarantine cake today. Not only does your order provide income for the bakery’s employees but it also gives you a wonderful reason to eat a delicious cake!

Learn more about how Butter& and Amanda Nguyen are handling the Covid-19 crisis:

Amanda Nguyen, founder of Butter& bakery in San Francisco, was considering shutting down her business when the coronavirus outbreak mandated that the public stay at home—until she created quarantine cakes. The small, single-serving cakes are topped with phrases like “Wash Your Hands” and “Don’t Touch Your Face” and became so popular that it created her busiest day in history.