If you were a late 80s/early 90s kid, you probably had a crush on some character from Saved by the Bell, hopefully, it wasn’t Zack Morris!

Some Saved by the Bell fans might want to look away, especially if your biggest, fictional, teen-crush was Zack Morris. I’ll admit, Morris was the love of my life on Saturday mornings, and even temporarily during prime-time hours. When I first heard about the Funny or Die series, Zack Morris is Trash, I was skeptical at best. No one was going to ruin the image of my perfect childhood crush!

I don’t remember when I caved, but eventually I broke down and watched an episode, and just like potato chips, you can’t stop at one. In fact I consumed the rest of the episodes just like a bag of chips, one after the next, fast and easy. The episodes (not the chips) were hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing. But there was one side effect, which I kind of expected, I no longer had a crush on Zack Morris. Even my childhood-self was ashamed for ever having one in the first place.

But here’s the good news folks, you can still have your crush (platonic or otherwise) on Mark-Paul Gosselaar, just not on Zack Morris. And, you know, since you’re grown up and all, shouldn’t your silly crushes be on real people anyway? Except those are more painful and awkward… yeah, never mind, stick the fictional characters! Just not Zack.

For those who haven’t experienced the joys of Zack Morris is Trash, watch one of my favorite, more recent episodes right now!