The Stratford Heist is perhaps the greatest real life drama in the world of literature and would reveal secrets William Shakespeare fought hard to hide.

The Stratford Heist was never supposed to happen. The whole thing started with a fictional secret compartment that contained lost manuscripts from William Shakespeare himself. But as the story came together, it became clear that the secret compartment might not be fictional after all.

Alan Green, a former music executive turned writer, wanted to write a book similar to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Only, he wanted his story to center around William Shakespeare. With so much unknown about the prolific writer, he was the perfect subject for a thrilling mystery.

Green began to concoct a story surrounding a well-known cypher at Shakespeare’s grave. Green traveled to The Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, where William Shakespeare was not only baptized but also buried. There, he studied the known cypher and tried to come up with a fictional solution.

Instead of coming up with a solution for his book, he noticed a small, real-life discrepancy. This discrepancy was the key to cracking the previously unsolvable code. Now, he just needed to prove his theory beyond a shadow of a doubt and to do that, he would need a plan, which he later dubbed ‘The Stratford Heist’.

Watch Alan Green tell his incredible story in the video below: